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Planting, Growing & Encouraging 

Cross-Cultural Churches

Planting the right kind of churches to serve the poor.


We are a coalition of churches and ministries marked by the following characteristics:

Welcome to The New City Network 

Our vision is to develop a coalition of churches committed by common goals so that we might encourage, learn from, and support each other.


Our churches are typically in the city and for the city.

Cross Cultural

We desire all ethnicities to be invited into our churches.

Include the Poor

Our churches work hard to include the poor.

Joyful Worship

We design our worship services around celebration and exhalation.

Sound, Biblical Preaching

Our churches preach Gospel-centered sermons.

We believe that the single best thing we can do for the poor is to plant the right kind of churches in their midst. 

- Randy Nabors



As a network, we provided a variety of services to help support your goals by:


Challenge & Encouragement 

We offer a biblical challenge, inspiration, and encouragement to any church or non-profit that has an interest in cross-cultural, justice, mercy ministry. This can be through preaching on a Sunday morning to on-the-ground training for your staff, elders, deacons, etc.


Practical Training

We offer training in the following areas:

  1. Coaching for church planters and their teams.

  2. Creating & implementation of your church's deacons, staff, etc. to launch non-profit and/or outreach programs. 


Affinity Network

A supportive network of like-minded churches and non-profit ministries to provide advice and troubleshooting. No one should do this work alone. 



We offer recommended reading, training opportunities, annual conferences and events, and a network for potential personnel. 


Randy's Rag

Read our founder's blog for his thoughts on current events and theology. 


Welcome! The picture above is me contemplating the bust of Thomas Chalmers on a visit to Scotland. For the most part these articles were written by me, and so I have to take responsibility for them. I know I am subject to error so if you see where I have been wrong, or misused Scripture especially, please correct me. I only ask that you do so in the same way you wish to be corrected.

Conferences & Trainings

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Media & Resources

Check out these books and other resources to grow in your justice knowledge and mercy work.

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