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An Important Announcement from the New City Network Board of Directors

Greetings from the New City Network Board,

With both deep gratitude and a sense of loss, the Board of Directors would like to

announce that Founder Randy Nabors will transition into an advisory role for the New

City Network in January 2023.

Rev. Randy Nabors formed the New City Network in 2010 to encourage and equip churches

that were pursuing biblical mercy and justice. His preaching and writing provided a theologically-

robust and gospel-centered framework.  A network of churches was born, marked by five

distinctives: urban, cross cultural, inclusive of the poor, joyful worship, and sound biblical


Randy and the New City team–including Joan Nabors, Robert Blevins, and (later) Chris

Blackman–helped spread the vision through consultation trips and conference events. They

encouraged leaders serving in challenging ministry contexts and connected them with one

another for mutual support. The Network became a prophetic voice in the PCA and other

Reformed spaces about the gospel call to honor fellow image bearers through the ministry of

both word and deed.

The Network operated under the organization of Mission to North America (MNA), where Randy

also served as the coordinator of Urban and Mercy Ministries. In 2019, the New City Network

attained nonprofit status, with the goal of ensuring its longevity under the eventual leadership of

the board of directors and Executive Director. 

At the end of December 2022, Randy will transition off the New City Network staff team. This

strategic change will set the stage for the board to plan, pray and strategize for the ministry’s

next season.

What’s Next?

Randy has accepted a position as the Assistant Pastor of World Missions at First Presbyterian

Church in Chattanooga. (He has concluded his MNA role, which he recently shared in a social

media post.) Randy will serve in an advisory role for the Network starting January 2023.

The Board has appointed Robert Blevins as Interim Executive Director for the New City

Network. Robert has served alongside Randy since 2010 and has been an essential partner in

building the ministry. He will also serve as Interim Director at MNA in Randy’s previous role.

Chris Blackman has faithfully managed the Network’s operations since 2018. He will continue in

a very part-time role until the end of December as he transitions into his new position with

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Kennesaw State University.

Leave a Legacy that Lasts!

As a Network supporter and friend, your partnership and prayers have made it possible for the

Network to encourage and equip over 200 churches through consulting visits and conferences.

Let’s continue this work together.


1. Select GIVE

2. This will take you to the Mercy & Justice Ministry page, which provides financial

oversight for the Network.

Prayer Requests

  • For wise and discerning leadership from the Board

  • For Robert as he transitions into his new roles

  • For the rest and renewal of Coalition churches and ministry leaders after a difficult season

Please contact Robert at: for any Network-related matters.


The New City Network board:

Pastor Tony Myles-Chair

Pastor Andrew Russell-Co-chair

JP Sipley-Treasurer

Wyketa Shipman-Secretary

Pastor Ronnie Perry-Board member

Pastor Logan Keck-Board member

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