• Randy Nabors



“All who walk in pride He is able to humble,”

Says Nebuchadnezzar.

A proud king, if there was ever

And ever was there a tree

Quite as tall as me?

As large, as strong

So high

Whose top can touch the sky?

Where beasts find a bed

And by its fruit the birds are fed?

“All who walk in pride He is able to humble,”

Says Nebuchadnezzar,

Who called for Belteshazzer,

A wise man, clever

To discern dreams and mysteries.

What does it mean, this dream that was sent,

About whom or why and what was meant

When the messenger said, “cut it down

And let it be stripped?”

What does it mean, “live with the animals?

Imprisoned in an animals mind?”

I’m not a beast

But of the kingly kind!

“All who walk in pride He is able to humble,”

Says Nebuchadnezzar.

“Here is my tower, here is my wall

My name in gold letters

Triumphant and all.

Has there ever been such glory to see,

Is this not my kingdom, the name I have built?

This was by my doing,

An empire of me!

“All who walk in pride He is able to humble,”

Says Nebuchadnezzar.

He who makes kings eat grass like kind

Nebuchadnezzar knew,

For God took his mind.

The King of Heaven does as He pleases

Regarding the boastful,

Their claims as a tease.

Takes note of neglect

Those who will not respect

Nor acknowledge

The Most High as Sovereign.

He can give or take knowledge,

Sanity, wealth, life, and power

To the one whom he pleases.

Assigns them their hour,

And tombs,

Which remain their houses forever,

Even their dwelling place for generations;

Though they had named lands after themselves.

Randy Nabors

January, 2018

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