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By Randy Nabors

Recently I have been rebuked about some of my comments regarding our present political climate.  I am trying to take those to heart because I pray for peace and what to do things that make for peace, but I do write what I believe to be the truth.  How thankful I am to God to live in a Democratic Republic.  I am thankful to have the right to vote, and to live under the U.S. Constitution.  We have many faults, our Constitution though imperfect was and is amendable, but I am grateful to be an American.  My remarks will not make those who disagree with me feel better, but I am not trying to be purposefully insulting or snarky.


There is division in the country over the recent presidential election.  All states have certified their elections and the published results show that Joe Biden has won the Electoral College votes, which have now been formalized.  President Elect Biden won the popular vote.  This election was not close, but took some time to be finalized in the count.

The controversy is about whether  the published results, and thus the accepted votes by the states, can be trusted.  That is a serious question and deserves a serious response.   Attorneys for President Trump have been vigorous in trying to find fraud, trying to find evidence, trying to find a reason that he actually won the election.  The courts, state and federal judges appointed both by Democrats and Republicans, have seriously declared he has no case.

No matter how many cases he has lost, no matter how many recounts there have been, or signature checks, and assurance by even Republican officials in the pivotal states he still insists the election was rigged.  The Attorney General of the U.S., appointed by President Trump has indicated no reason to suspect foul play.  Several Republican governors have told the President he is wrong. Many of his followers still believe the President, in spite of what the evidence says.  It is wearying and sad to hear them keep at it.


Nothing will ever be enough for someone who announced way in advance that he would accuse the system of cheating him before even one vote was counted.  I am sorry for all of those who keep believing and spreading the rumors, the lies, the suggestions about this van, or that box, the software, the voting machines, etc.  This is a case grasping for any straw of a story, perpetuated on purpose to increase confusion, and then to use the excuse of confusion to question the results of the election.  Any act of illegal voting, or effort at trying to corrupt the election, should be prosecuted.  Donald Trump is a corrupt individual so I am not surprised at his behavior.  I respect the office he holds highly, but I do not respect him as a person.

There is another issue.  Those who support President Trump sincerely do not want him to have lost.  I am sympathetic with them because every two, four, or six years some politician we supported and eagerly hoped to win will lose.  It is hard to lose an election, especially when one feels so much is at stake these days, especially in regard to things like abortion, racial justice, and whatever issue one feels deeply about.

There is more here though than just coming to grips with a loss. Some feel that Donald Trump is an agent of God and that without him America will fall into – and here you can make a choice of various negative scenarios – a socialist country, a godless country where Christians are not allowed to freely practice their religion, a country over run by immigrants and illegals, a country of heavy taxes, a country that will never outlaw abortion, a country where conservatives will never get a chance to be elected again.  I am afraid some of his followers think it would be fine for the President to establish marital law, stage a coup, and be a dictator as long as he protected “our” causes.


One can hear various levels of panic, fear, desperation, and even hysteria concerning a change of government.  The attachment of the religious right to the Trump administration is not just a calculated political alignment but for many a religious commitment, and thus very emotional.  It is also completely misplaced and dangerous.  We can serve and worship God, and will, even if we are in a communist or Muslim nation.  I know that because believers already do that, even at the cost of their lives.  Do I want that for America?  No of course not, but to abandon faith, to abandon hope, to abandon love for those with whom we disagree because our hearts have been inflamed with partisan vitriol in not of Christ.

I would hope my fellow believers would have enough faith to believe that God can use any man but doesn’t need any man or woman to accomplish his purposes.  I also wish my brethren had the integrity to refuse to align themselves with any person who does not have integrity. Christians should have some standards to keep and not sell them out for a momentary bit of power, no matter how righteous we feel our cause to be.  I believe it better to operate in a democracy using ideas and persuasion rather than brute power.

I support any American president as my president. Yet, insist on the freedom to protect my conscience from entanglement with someone with whom I cannot respect.   How can I respect him due to his previous moral behavior, his serial adultery in marriage, his public slander and vicious disrespect of not only his opponents but anyone who he thinks has failed him?  He has failed as a leader to protect this nation from a horrible virus.  He craves commendation  yet rejects any responsibility.  His habit of lying prohibits putting any trust in him, and now his attempt to dismantle our democracy is disgraceful.  I’m a sinner too.  We should believe in grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  I don’t see repentance in this man.


For far right religious figures to fawn over this man as if he was angelic is idolatry.  Has God used him for good?   Yes, in several ways and for several things I admit Donald Trump has gotten some good things done.  As they say, “Mussolini got the trains to run on time.” I am presently rejoicing in conservative judges who judge according to the law and not on personal favor.  I am thankful we have vaccines on the way.

The controversy over the election gives Trump supporters and some conservatives the idea that they still have an option as who will be the next president of the United States.  President Trump is leading them on. Some Republican leaders have said they stand behind the President taking every avenue to secure every legal remedy to be assured that the election was fair.  This has created an atmosphere of campaign and battle, as if there was still a decision to be made. The decision has been made, it is over.  The falsehoods and lies need to not only be exposed but repented of, especially by any Christian who has repeated them.


Some are praying for a miracle that something will come to light, or something will be done, to keep President Trump in office.   Some have threatened that if he is not then there will be violence, and maybe secession, or civil war. All such talk is seditious and treasonous, and people like Rush Limbaugh have engaged in it.  Any such action must and should be forcefully suppressed, if we will hold to our Union and the Constitution.

I have not heard many conservatives say what they think those who were in the majority, those who feel they won the election, will do if suddenly the results of the election are changed – not by vote – but by some unforeseen manipulation- or attempted coup by Donald Trump.  If he is successful in changing the outcome, he is going to find it difficult to govern, and I think that is an understatement.

Most of the electorate has been fairly patient, trusting the courts to make impartial and fair decisions.  Based on evidence presented, or not provided, all the cases have continued to confirm what the states have certified.  Enduring and hopefully surviving this onslaught of accusations, using every conceivable fantasy of voting irregularity and vote count, actually gives me some pride that our democratic system is working.

The Trump partisans don’t seem to accept any decision as final.  I don’t believe it was ever President Trump’s intention to do so.  For them almost every court case is just a step to another one.  Will they submit to the decision once Joe Biden is sworn in as president?  Will they feel justified in resisting everything he does because they declare him to be “illegitimate?”  Unfortunately this has been the pattern ever since Barack Obama was sworn in.    Opposition for the sake of opposition, without putting nation over party, is not making America great but rather paralyzed. For them it has been all about power, at any cost, to the detriment of all of us.

Now before someone thinks they should, in their anger for what I have said, try to foist a comparison between President Trump and the worst the liberals have done and will do, let me say that is beside the point.  This writer is not advocating nor applauding immoral decisions or behaviors by the Democrats, or any of their leaders.  As I oppose any wickedness from our current president I have and will do the same for Democrats.


Our choice is not so simple as between Republicans and Democrats, though many Evangelicals have believed that.  I think the choice for me is always between a clear conscience and a compromised one. Conservatives have four more years to choose another candidate.  They should choose one who has integrity, and who has the ability to be a competent leader.  Corruption (whether it be intentional or through delusion) married to incompetence is literally killing people. There were better options than Donald Trump in the primaries of 2016, but many conservatives abandoned them, and thus abandoned much of their reputation.  I think they have not only injured their reputation, but their souls, and the body politic along the way.  For our nation’s sake I hope we can do better.


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