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New City Network Organizational Plan New I. NCN Executive Committee A. Made up of Team Leaders of subordinate teams (see II). B. Three main areas of decision/work 1. Goals 2. Cooperative Projects 3. Liaison with other agencies or bodies C. Review of Network/Officer/Team Effectiveness D. Creation of Officers for Execution, Recording, Accounting (Director, Secretary, Treasurer) II. Teams A. Association 1. Meetings 2. Communication 3. Participation Investment B. Articulation 1. Criteria for church qualification 2. Criteria for Church Planter qualification C. Assessment 1. Church Planters 2. Sites 3. Strategy D. Advancement 1. Gathering and giving resources/grants 2. Leverage strategies E. Assistance 1. Site visits 2. Coaching 3. Mentoring 4. Advice 5. Trouble Shooting I would like to suggest that every member church have someone on one of these teams. Each of us have certain strengths that we can add to the effort. One of the points of discussion will be “participation investment.” This is simply the question of how much each of us will contribute. Will this be a percentage or a lump sum, or whatever each chooses to give? For us to be really effective I would encourage each congregation to think of setting aside ten percent of their budget for church planting. That doesn’t mean they have to give the network that much, but should work toward that goal in their own Presbytery, multi-site, or in our network cumulatively. The Executive Team will have to decide if they can afford an employee to help drive this work. The Exec Team can also help guide the network in cooperative efforts of training or common efforts, especially in overseas mission teams and church planting, or community development. Your comments are especially needed to help us frame things.

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