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What I Want For Christmas!

1. For Rush Limbaugh to apologize for defamation of character, slander, and impugning the motives of politicians he doesn’t like. I suppose he would have to admit that he does indeed do that, and maybe some of his Christian listeners would have to admit it too. 2. For Libertarians to stop sounding so selfish, and implying taxes are evil and that a democracy doesn’t have a right to make choices based on its values to help those in need. 3. For Liberals to admit unborn children are human and to realize and admit abortion is destroying not only our posterity but our humanity. 4. For judges to lock guilty people up so we wouldn’t keep hearing of crimes being committed by someone arrested and found guilty numerous times, but still walking the streets. 5. For the Criminal Justice System to make sense; to stop giving people silly sentences like five live terms plus fifteen years (shouldn’t life mean life?), to get back to rehabilitation (since most of these people do return to our communities), and to give quicker trials, but shorter and definite sentences. 6. To commit crazy people instead of trusting them to medicate themselves (this so they won’t be out here killing the rest of us). 7. To actually fire the entire Congress, at least once, until we get a group that can solve problems instead of making them worse. 8. For Atheists and people who hate the mention and celebration of religion in public places to be declared their own religion, and told to go create their own private schools, instead of constantly annoying the rest of us. 9. For Conservatives and Liberals alike to repent of demonizing their adversaries instead of presenting positive arguments, rationally presented, for their point of view. 10. For the Public School system, in every state and federally, to admit that in some places they are a total failure and to give that tax money to any educational institution in those places that can do a better job. It is time for the anti-religious people to become anti-ignorance. 11. For Cuba to finally be treated like we treated the USSR, and like we treat China, so capitalism and liberal democracy can start bringing change to their government and freedom to its people. 12. For this country, built on immigrants, to have a rational, understandable, fair (in line with our own Bill of Rights), welcoming, and enforceable immigration policy. Yes, and if I could have that gift wrapped please?

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